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Be aware about Internet banking...
Be aware about Internet banking...

Be aware about Internet banking...

Networking & Security   /   Feb 24th, 2018   /   1 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Internet banking has become almost an integrated part of most of our lives. Many of us may not evenremember our last visit to a bank's branch. But sadly with the rise of internet baking usage, the crimes related to it toohave risen. Now cybercriminals started filling up their bank accounts using security loopholes. In fact as the digital payments rise, criminals are constantly discovering new ways to bypass security measures and steal money from internet banking users.
However, there are some simple tips that can go a long way in ensuring that you don't become the next victim of such hacking/cybercrime attack. Here are 7 must-dos to follow while using your internet banking account.
Never use internet banking in public Wi-Fi network
Never-ever (unless extremely needed) access internet banking on shared or unprotected Wi-Fi like Bus Stands, Railway Stand, Airport, Cinema Hall, Public Wi-Fi zones etc. Also, avoid making any payments using your debit or credit cards from public-Wi-Fi network. Such Wi-Fi networks are prone to hacking and other cyberattacks.
Never do any banking transection from cyber café.
Change your password regularly
Another simplest of the security tip is changing your password regularly. And always keep a strong password. Best way to have a strong password is to have a mix of upper and lower-case letters with numbers and special characters.
Use a phrases or big sentences as a password.
Using date of birth is another big no-no. Also, if you have several bank accounts, never use the same password for all of them.
Never sign-in to your net-banking account via e-mailers
Signing into your net-banking account via mailer can be sure-shot way of falling into a trap. The e-mailer can be a phising mail aimed at making your share your confidential information. Most of these mailers look exactly replica of your bank's website (so be wary). The links given in such mailers too are likely to be malware-ridden.
Always look for 's' in the url, 'https' while doing any netbanking.
Always check the address bar, the URL of the website you login to. Always check that it begins with 'https', 's' being the key security layer here. This ensures that you are logging into an encrypted website which is protected by secure certificates.
Never forget to log out once you are done
Always logout once you transections are done. Check double and verify that you are logged out.
Always use bank's official app for mobile banking
For mobile banking, it is highly advisable to use only the bank's official app, this means the app provided by the bank. Also, always download the app only from official app stores like Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store. Do not open source payment gateway of apps, such apps may be dangerous and malware-ridden.
Always keep your PC's anti-virus updated with any reputed antivirus.
This is basic and critical -- always keep your PC's anti-virus updated. Though this surely not 100% protection, but it still goes a long way in safeguarding all your online transactions.
Always choose reputed antivirus.
  • Great information. Really need to keep in mind this points while using internet banking. Thanks you Sir

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