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Reservation of Rights

  • NITS GLOBAL website contents are sourced from internet. Icons and images are open source.
  • All the course contents are developed and created as per the standard & referenced from the OEM.
  • Batch schedule calender can be changed if needed based on availability.
  • Cadidates are allowed to repeat session upto 3 times based on special request.
  • Job guarantee/Assistance is applicable with certain programs/combo only.
  • Job guarantee/Assitance lies under terms & conditions.
  • All the social media advertisements and ads are depending on time validity.
  • Free workshops or Free trainings are subject to availability or seats/resorces/validify.
  • Free Trainings or Workshop does not fall under any agreements with attendees.
  • Free Trainings or workshops are not bounded to deliver complete course, its time based program.
  • Free Trainings or workshops could be cancelled with notice or without notice.
  • Advertisements are to share knowledge or services & we are not forcing anyone to avail admission.
  • Admission term & Conditions & fee structure changes time to time when and as needed. they are not fixed.


  • This policy expain what types of personal information will be gethered when you visit to NITS GLOBAL website, and how this information would be used.
  • If you follow a link to any other website, please check their policy before you submit any personal information to those website.
  • SMS/whatsapp or voice call notifications sent to you based agreement/acceptance done by you in enquery form.
  • If you are not willing to receive any SMS/whatsapp/call, please reply with "Remove me from advertisements" and send to 8149105111.