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The Internet of Everything is the revolutionary connection of people, processes, data and things. And when everything works together, the possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

Today we are building the technology for a new tomorrow. A tomorrow where all the world’s clouds will be interconnected; where automated infrastructure allows applications to do a month’s business in minutes; where advanced analytics help us to mine data for unexpected insights; and where the Internet of Everything truly connects nearly every last person and thing.

Based on the statistics CCIE tracks are most demanded tracks in all business domains including Information Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Telecommunication, Television, Research & Developments, Defense, Govt. Sector etc. CCIE Engineer are responsible for designing critical networks, designing security, resolving high critical network and security issues, design solution for optimizing performance and many more. With reference of payscale, Naukri and Cisco analysis industries requires 3,00,000 + engineers in next 3 years.

The Good Factors in CCIE Career

  • You sort higher in the pile when you apply for a job;
  • You are likely to be paid more because you have a desirable certification;
  • Cisco Partners need CCIEs to maintain partner status, so you’re ‘useful’ to them (enhances your employability);
  • You can buy stuff with CCIE logos on it (yay!);
  • People tend to listen to you a bit more because you appear more credible;
  • Additional access or perks at events like Cisco Live (a very small benefit);
  • You achieved something difficult and cool! Congratulations!

Salaries Based On Roles :

Employees with a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Certification Salary Ranges by Job

CCIE Salary & Opportunities in Cities :

CCIE Salaries in cities, Salaries offered can be veriable based on the experience.