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CCNP Security Certification Overview

The CCNP Security certification program prepares you for today’s professional-level job roles in security technologies. One of the industry’s most respected certifications, CCNP validates the core knowledge you need while providing the flexibility to choose a focus area.

To earn CCNP Security you pass two exams: a core exam and a concentration exam of your choice. The CCNP Security certification and training program provides real-world, job-focused skills in key areas. CCNP Security validates the knowledge you need to excel in your job.

Are you aspiring to enhance your expertise in network security? Look no further! Our CCNP Security course in Pune is designed to equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to secure Cisco networks effectively. Pune, a thriving IT hub, provides an ideal backdrop for professionals seeking to upgrade their security credentials.

Our comprehensive CCNP Security training covers topics such as implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions, deploying Cisco ASA Firewall solutions, and much more. Joining our CCNP Security course in Pune ensures that you receive hands-on training from industry experts, preparing you for the challenging world of network security. Stay ahead of the curve by enrolling in our CCNP Security program in Pune and fortify your career in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. Don't miss this opportunity to become a certified CCNP Security professional in Pune!

Features at NITS GLOBAL:

- CCIE Certified Experienced Trainers
- Recording Session of Online Class.
- 24X7 Hands-On Practice Lab available.


NITS GLOBAL designed the CCNP Security certification to help you prove your skills in the ever-changing landscape of security technologies. The certification covers core technologies and a security focus area of your choice. You choose where you want to focus. You choose where to take your career.

Core Exam

350-701 SCOR  ( Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies v1.0)  focuses on your knowledge of security infrastructure including network security, cloud security, content security, endpoint protection and detection, secure network access, visibility, and enforcements.

Concentration exams (Optional Choose any one)

300 -710 SNCF – Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower
300-715 SISE – Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine
300-720 SESA – Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance
300-725 SWSA – Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance
300-730 SVPN – Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks
300-735 SAUTO – Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions

  • Students who want to start career in Network Security must take CCNP Security Course
  • Professionals currently working in networking domain.
  • Working Professionals aspiring to achieve Cisco CCNP Security Or CCIE Security Certification.
  • Pre-certified candidates who want to re certify or upgrade to new CCNP Security.

After completing CCNA Training, the next level of Training & Certification is CCNP Certification Training and CCIE Certification Training.

Job Profile & Role is depends on the work experience.

  • Network Professional
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Implementation Engineer
  • Sr NOC Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network L2/L3 Engineer

We offer most affordable fee for everyone without compromising training quality.

  • CCNP SCOR Fee – 15,000/- (Tax)
  • 300-710 SNCF Fee – 15,000/- (Tax)
  • 300-730 SVPN Fee – 15,000/- (Tax)
  • Group Discount – 10%
  • Seasonal Discount – 10% (If Applicable Any)

During our CCNP Enterprise Training Course Nits Global give our students full opportunity to work on the latest Cisco networking devices. Hands on practice makes them familiar with & gives them confidence to work in the industries.

  • Router : 2611 XM, 1841, 1940, 2811
  • Switches: 2960, 3750, 3560, 4503 Backbone
  • Firewalls: Cisco Firepower, ASA 5510, ASA 5520, Cisco ISR 2911, Bluecoat, Checkpoint Firewall, Paloalto
  • Tools: Cisco IOS , Putty, SecureCRT, Wireshark Packet Monitor, GNS3 and Cisco Packet Tracer
How to pass CCNP Security certification exam?
  • Certification Guidance: Nits Global assist you with the certification process, including understanding the exam registration, scheduling, and logistics. They can guide you in selecting the appropriate CCNP Security certification track based on your career goals and provide insights on the prerequisites and next steps in the Cisco certification pathway.
  • Progress Tracking and Guidance:Nits Global track your progress throughout the training program. Nits Global provide regular assessments, quizzes, or assignments to gauge your understanding and identify areas that need improvement. Based on your performance, instructors can offer personalized guidance and recommend specific areas to focus on to maximize your chances of success.
  • Exam Strategies and Tips: Nits Global provide exam strategies and tips that can help you approach the CCNP Securityexam with confidence.Nits Globalguide you on time management, question interpretation, and provide specific techniques for tackling different types of exam questions. These strategies can improve your performance and efficiency during the exam.
  • Practice Exams and Mock Tests: Nits Global offer practice exams and mock tests that simulate the actual exam environment. These practice tests help you become familiar with the exam format, time constraints, and question types. Nits Global also help identify areas where you may need to focus more attention and provide an opportunity to gauge your readiness for the exam.
  • Study Materials and Resources: Nits Global provide study materials, such as textbooks and supplementary resources. These materials can serve as references during your exam preparation and offer additional insights and explanations.
  • Certification Guidance: Nits Global guide you through the certification process, including registration, scheduling the exam, and understanding the exam policies. Nits Global offer advice on which certifications to pursue and help you plan your learning path accordingly.

350-701 SCOR (Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies)

  • Security Concepts                                                                          25%
  • Network Security                                                                           20%
  • Securing the Cloud                                                                        15%
  • Content Security                                                                            10%
  • Endpoint Protection andDetection                                            15%
  • Secure Network Access, Visibility,andEnforcement              15%

Click on link for details course contents SCOR Course Contents

300-710 SNCF (Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower v1.0)

  • Deployment                                                                                    30%
  • Configuration                                                                                 30%
  • Management and Troubleshooting                                           25%
  • Integration                                                                                      15%

Click on link for details course contents SNCF Course Contents

300-730 SVPN  (Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks v1.0)

  • Site-to-site Virtual Private Networks on Routers and Firewalls             15%
  • Remote access VPNs                                                                                         20%
  • Troubleshooting using ASDM and CLI                                                         35%
  • Secure Communications Architectures                                                         30%

Click on link for details course contents SVPN Course Contents

CCNP Security stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional Security. It is a professional-level certification offered by Cisco Systems that validates the skills and knowledge required to design, implement, and manage network security solutions using Cisco technologies.

The prerequisites for CCNP Security certification are a valid CCNA Security certification or any CCIE certification. It is recommended to have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals, network security concepts, and hands-on experience in configuring and managing network security devices.

The CCNP Security certification is valid for three years. To maintain an active certification status, you need to pass a designated recertification exam or achieve a higher-level Cisco certification before the expiration of your CCNP Security certification.

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Instructor Led Online Training With Extensive Lab On Cloud

Live Training with instructor delivering One-to-One Online. Students will be able to practice entire course Online-Labs. 24*7 Lab assistance will be provided.

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