Checkpoint Firewall Certification Overview

CCSA (CheckPoint Certified Security Administrator) Checkpoint Firewall Certification is widely used to perform network Security in enterprise networks. Checkpoint Course has two top demanded certifications CCSA & CCSE.

Checkpoint Certification course covers everything you need to start-up, configure and manage daily operations of CheckPoint Security Gateway and Management Software Blades systems on the GAiA operating system.

NITS GLOBAL is proven expertise in Security domain since last 10 years to deliver Checkpoint Training.

Checkpoint Course CCSA Duration : 60 Hours.

Checkpoint Certification is 100% Practical Training Program.

Course Features

Training Mode
Classroom | Online
Course Duration
60 Hours
Batch Type
Regular | Weekend
Course Completion Certificate
Skill Level
Professional Level
Unlimited Lab Access
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Checkpoint Course | Checkpoint Firewall Certification

Checkpoint Certification CCSA Designed for Network Security Professionals engineers. . Today Security is Most Demanded Skill required for network Engineers.
Checkpoint Certified
Fresher Engineers Offered 3-6 Lacs PA.


NITS GLOBAL is one of the proven Training Provider Institute for Checkpoint Certification courses. Our 80% Students are getting placed in various reputed MNC companies as a Security Engineers with well paid salaries.

Checkpoint Firewall Certification (CCSA) is well recommended course for those all professionals who are working in networking & security domain. Checkpoint Firewall is used to make your network secure & protected from threats & hackers, it offers various professsional services like VPN, IPS, Threat management, URL Apps filtering, antibot, Packet inspection etc. Checkpoint Course makes you stronger understanding & knowledge in Firewall.

  • Install R80 management and a security gateway in a distributed environment
  • Configure objects, rules, and settings to define a security policy
  • Work with multiple concurrent administrators and define permission profiles
  • Configure a Virtual Private Network and work with Check Point clustering
  • Perform periodic administrator tasks as specified in administrator job descriptions
  • and much more.
  • You will be prepared to defend against network threats
  • Evaluate existing security policies and optimize the rule base
  • Manage user access to corporate LANs
  • Monitor suspicious network activities and analyze attacks
  • Troubleshoot network connections
  • Implement Check Point backup techniques
  • Network Security Professionals who want to improve their competency in market.
  • Network professionals who are working on checkpoint products.
  • Networkers who want to start career in Network Security Domain.
  • Professionals who are already working on Checkpoint and want to be certified.

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During the Checkpoint Certification Training we highly recommend to use latest version on checkpoint product. Checkpoint offers Lab solution on Physical devices & on virtual environment like EVE-NG, V-LAB, VIRL etc.

  • Security Gateways (Firewall): 3100/ 3200/ 5100/ 5200/ 5400/ 5600
  • Security Management Platform: 405 /410 / 525 /5050 /5150
  • Operating System: R80.10 GAiA, R80.20 GAiA, R80.30 GAiA
  • Smart Console: Client software
  • Should have good networking knowledge.
  • candidate should have some networking handon experience.
  • Anyone who have done CCNA Or CCNP Or CCIE
  • Security Engineers
  • Network Security Admin
  • SOC Engineer
  • Checkpoint Engineer
  • Cyber Security Engineer

Section 1 Introduction to Check Point Technology.

  • Check Point Security Management Architecture (SMART)
  • Security Gateway Inspection Architecture.
  • CP Deployment Considerations.
  • CP Smart Console Clients.
  • Security Management Server.
  • Securing Channels of Communication with CP.

Section 2 Deployment Platforms & Introduction to the Security Policy

  • Check Point Deployment Platforms.
  • Understanding Checkpoint Gaia Interface.
  • Understanding Security Policy Basics
  • Managing Objects in Checkpoint.
  • Creating the Rule Base configuration.
  • Rule Base Management configuration.
  • Policy Management and Revision Control in CP.
  • Inter VLAN communication and configuration in Checkpoint.

Section 3 Monitoring Traffic and Connections

  • Checkpoint Smart View Tracker
  • Smart View Monitor Monitoring Suspicious Activity Rules
  • Introduction of NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Understanding & Configuring Hide NAT.
  • Device NAT.
  • Choosing the Hide Address in Hide NAT.
  • NAT Global Properties Configuration.
  • Object Configuration using Hid NAT.
  • Hide NAT Using Interface IP.
  • Hide NAT Using POOL IP with proxy ARP.
  • Hide NAT Using External IP.
  • Static NAT.
  • Static NAT Using Pool IP with proxy ARP.
  • Static NAT with External IP.
  • Difference between static Nat and Manual NAT.

Section 4 Using Smart Update

  • Understanding Smart Update Architecture.
  • Overview of Managing Licenses.
  • License Terminology & Upgrading Licenses.
  • Retrieving License Data from Security Gateways.
  • Adding New Licenses to the License & Contract Repository.
  • Importing License Files.
  • Adding License Details Manually.
  • Attaching & Detaching Licenses.

Section 5 Contract Repository User Management and Authentication

  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Security Gateway Authentication
  • User Authentication, Session Authentication
  • Client Authentication
  • LDAP User Management with User Directory

Section 6 Introduction to Check Point VPNs

  • Understanding VPN Technology.
  • VPN Deployments and Implementation
  • Difference between AH & ESP Protocol
  • Site to Site VPN configuration on R80.10
  • Site to Site VPN configuration between Checkpoint and CISCO DEVICE
  • Special VPN Gateway Conditions in Checkpoint
  • Access Control and VPN Communities.
  • Integrating VPNs into a Rule Base policies.
  • Understanding SSL Remote Access VPN.
  • SSL VPN configuration
  • VPN Troubleshooting & commands
  • VPN TCPDUMP commands and real time issues
  • IKE view use and VPN DEBUG Commands

Section 7 CheckPoint Smart Defense Configuration and Tracking.

  • Tracking and alerting in Checkpoint.
  • CheckPoint Smart TCP/IP 3 way handshake
  • Defense SYN Defender.
  • SYN Relay.
  • In Depth Packet Analysis at Layer3, layer4, and layer7.

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Q. What is the CCSA certification?

Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator is Checkpoint Certification provided by Checkpoint Softwares Technology Ltd. it is a level-1 security certification for beginners.


Q. How long does a certification last?

A: Certifications expire after 24 months. Certifications, like security, must be kept current to be truly effective – which is why we strongly encourage you to constantly refresh and keep your certification current.


Q: What Core certifications are available?

A. Check Point certifications are structured around comprehensive job models for administration, engineering
(Expert), and advanced systems (Security Master). Certifications include:

Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE)

Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM)

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Checkpoint Certification

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